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Principal: Patrick Martin

PTMLaw was founded in January 2011 with the objective of providing personalised and commercial corporate law advice to a range of clients, corporate, financial and private individuals, in relation to corporate finance transactions including M&A, venture capital and private equity investment, joint ventures, partnerships, funds and on aspects of capital markets work as well as on general commercial and contract matters.

My philosophy has always been to provide commercially minded legal advice in context and my aim with PTMLaw  is to be able to continue to do so for a variety of clients from a platform which truly enables me to work towards the “trusted adviser” status boasted by so many but delivered by so few. My niche is providing advice on transactions too small for larger firms to be interested in or able to service effectively.

My experience and expertise lends itself to those clients looking for sound transactional corporate law advice from an experienced practitioner but whose deal size means they cannot always access the right level of service from bigger law firms. I am seeking to help smaller corporate and venture capital fund clients source experienced and professional advice for their transactions as well as larger clients on their smaller transactions. I am also looking to assist small businesses as well as private investor clients on a full range of alternative investment activities.

The 2010 edition of Legal 500 says: “Patrick Martin knows the right answer to any question posed and does not get hung up over irrelevant issues”.

     Email: patrick@ptmlaw.co.uk

      88 Grandison Road London SW11 6LN tel 020 7585 2738

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